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  • 22 Januari 2021 - 16:57
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Welcoming Remarks from the Rector of UPN Veteran Jakarta

on the Establishment of UPNVERI

(UPN Veteran Health Research Institute)


            Infectious diseases spread, especially during a pandemic, is a phenomenon that entails a multifaceted approach including multidisciplinary-based management buttressed by state-of-the-art medical technology. Infectious diseases, as transboundary diseases, not only require an infection control management approach at the hospital level but also social control management at the community level through community preventive medicine.

            Management of social control over infection is a multidisciplinary approach enhanced with great flexibility following the social dynamics of society that advances in a geometric progression which might be arduous to regulate by social control that moves forward in an arithmetical progression. Communities of varied stratifications, cultures, and characteristics respond to infectious disease problems with a variety of perspectives. As such, this requires an active role of the University as an institution with the potential to turn research into a healthy policy outcome.

            As a competitive research university, research development entails a strong institution capable of transcendentally synthesizing a convoluted scientific concept based on a hospital and biomedical-centred approach to transform into values that can be utilized sustainably in society.

            With the qualified human resources and excellent facilities, UPN Veteran Health Research Institute (UPNVERI), initiated by the Faculty of Medicine, UPN Veteran Jakarta, will serve as the foundation for this institution's growth into a leading research institution by prioritising collaboration and networking with other scientific disciplines and research institutions at various universities in both national and international levels.


Jakarta, June 18, 2021          

The Rector of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) Veteran Jakarta

Bela Negara Campus

Erna Hernawati Ak, CPMA, CA, PhD

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